urban coffee lounge

Urban Coffee Lounge

now to be honest, I don’t cross over to Kirkland very often but if I do – I always always always try to make my way to this particular coffee shop.


they have the best choices for pastries, the coffee is delicious (they always have some sort of creative seasonal drink), there’s indoor and outdoor seating, and the baristas are some of the friendliest ones i’ve ever met.


they have locally made pastries from multiple places including Lady Yum who makes crazy good macrons – which just happen to be my favorite treat.


as a wonderful addition, the art that is on the wall is amazing. every time I visit I am astounded by their choices and always wish I have the funds and a place to hang the incredible work.


I know that to us folks living in Seattle, Kirkland may seem like a ways a way – but if you’re into finding new coffee – this place just has to be on your list.




Also, the reason why there aren’t a lot of photos is because well simply put I’m still new at the whole photography thing and shooting in blazing sun & shadows was really hard. However, I am doing my best to learn from mistakes and not giving up just because I am frustrated. I am have also been pushing myself to actually talk to the baristas at the cafes I go to (which is hard because of surprise – social anxiety) and it’s been nice because so far they’ve always been really sweet. Especially the ones at UCL.


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