frankie & jo’s

Shaylyn is a Seattle style/fashion blogger and she reached out to me to meet and I was really excited! (Her instagram is SHAYLYNRAE & her blog’s website is ) I usually suck at meeting people (hey anxiety!) but I know that I need to push myself and get out of my comfort zone! We decided to get some ice cream since it was a gorgeous sunny day & this is a place I’ve been dying to go to.


being lactose intolerant means that I often either eat normal ice cream when I shouldn’t or I am disappointed in soy/almond. Frankie and Jo’s KILLS IT!!! I mean I would pick this vegan ice cream over regular ice cream any day. They have insanely creative flavors (charcoal, strawberry milk, beet strawberry rose, & date shake). The shop itself is gorgeous and if you live in Seattle you’ll definitely recognize the palm tree wallpaper.




Shaylyn and i sat by the window, chatted about our lives and enjoyed some yummy ice cream. It was a lovely time and I am excited to explore some more places with her soon.

(It’s only been a week and I’ve already been back… will definitely be going at least once a month!)

Here’s to facing fears, trying new things & living a joyful life.


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