la marzocco cafe

So first of all yes, I decided to change the name of the blog because while I thought i was hilarious and clever and I loved it it was time. Two reasons: 1) I realized I will be doing a lot more than blogging about coffee, I really want to get into photography and just life in general. 2) I love the word darling, I don’t know exactly why but it’s one of my favorite words.Just kidding there’s one more reason – people kept assuming it’s about beer…

Anyways YAY I hope you like it, and we are moving on to better things like this amazing/gorgeous/innovative cafe called La Marzocco!


So first of all, it’s inside a radio station (KEXP) and you get to listen to them broadcasting and see inside the booth where the radio hosts are – HOW COOL IS THAT?! They were playing amazing music which was almost distracting because I kept pulling out my phone to Shazam songs including Hello by Nooky Jones (go listen!)


The building itself it’s so great because it’s really open and spacious unlike many other coffee shops. There’s also a little record shop area which is just always so fun, as well as a little art gallery with strings of lights above it. I think i’d be absolutely okay with living here.


Now onto the most important part – the coffee. So when I said it’s innovative I meant that it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This cafe hosts different coffee roasters every month! WHAT? That means that every month they are completely changing their menus and doing something different all the time. This month they have Toby’s Estate and when I say the cold brew was the best cold brew I’ve ever had, I mean it. It was rich but light, with hits on hazelnut and topped with just a splash of almond milk – YUM.


They also featured The London Plane’s baked goods and we got the raspberry poppy seed babka and goodness it was just really really satisfying. There’s something about pulling apart a pastry that I can’t ever get over.


Bottom line – I will be coming back every. single. month. (at least) to try their new featured roasters and I think you should too.


I was thankful to have Raymond there to slowly pour the almond milk so I could get some cool shots of it.

He is one of my favorite people who is also a very talented photographer who spent some time helping learn some Lightroom tricks. Check him out on Instagram for Portraits and Nature/Adventure


3 thoughts on “la marzocco cafe

  1. Love love love these photos and your descriptions, AND your new blog name. Loved old name, and this new name somehow even better encompasses the overall theme of you and this *darling* blog of soft pink tones and lovely images ❤ Excited for you


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