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erica – boudoir

Self love is an interesting concept that’s kind of taken off in the last couple years and I LOVE IT. Women are constantly being told that they need to meet this sort of unrealistic standard that’s shown by the media, standards no one can reach without photoshop. So, that being I decided I wanted to get into shooting boudoir to show women how beautiful and incredible they are. Lingerie is a beautiful thing that makes us women feel confident and sexy.

Growing up I hated my body. I hated everything about my looks. It has taken years and years to look into a mirror and like my reflection. Even though I still struggle, it’s getting better. I want to help women find that love within themselves for themselves.

Erica and I have known each other for about a year now and we recently started becoming better friends (blessed!) She’s beautiful and someone who has done a couple boudoir shoots before. I am thankful that she was willing to be a first test subject.

We laughed and ate chicken nuggets afterwards. As we are both new to both being behind and in front of the camera, it was hilarious to try to figure things out on our own! Erica is a beauty inside and out and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do. I have at least 100 favorites but these are my top favorites of those! Boudoir is beautiful. ❤️









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