the london plane

(fair warning: this has nothing to do with london or planes – but something much better, brunch.)

Morgan and I have been talking about The London Plane every since we saw photos of it on instagram, a bakery/cafe AND flower shop, all in one. That is basically my dream come true. So we set a date on what just happened to be a sunny day and ventured downtown to see what all the fuss was about. Once again, I’m really thankful to have someone who has a great appreciation for good coffee and cute cafes.


“Oh my god this is gorgeous!!” were my words exactly, outloud, the second we walked in. This place is simply stunning! Giant windows with flowers everywhere makes you feel like you’re in some sort of wonderland. We walked around looking at all the yummy things they had to offer and obviously obsessed over the flowers.

the cold brew was perfect. the food was not only fun to look at, it was very fun to eat too. Morgan had some fancy salmon stuff and I have the most purple salad of all time. (Sorry I can’t be more eloquent in my description of the food, you’ll have to go try it yourself.)


Sidenote: the people working there were absolutely amazing and it was so fun to have such great service!



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