general porpoise


I’m gonna be honest today; I’m gluten and dairy intolerant but I can’t seem to give up some things – doughnuts being one of them. I don’t care what anyone say, gf doughnuts simply aren’t as good. Now that that’s out of the way, general porpoise doughnuts has been at the top of my “to visit” list since it opened. Sooooo when Alex texted me saying she had Friday off work and her and Devin were going, I couldn’t text back “YES!” fast enough.


Just walking up to the building I was probably way more excited than a person should be about a doughnut but whatever. It’s bright and seems spacious, with simple decor! The menu was small enough to where you aren’t overwhelmed (we all got different kinds) and the espresso menu was amazing!

Lets get to the doughnuts – – OH MY GOD they are DIVINE!! I got a blueberry jam and peanut butter doughnut and ugh it was just everything you’d want.

Im already planning my next visit because I am on a mission to try every single one. ✌🏼☕️


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