daffodils & tulips


Every spring in Skagit Valley, fields of tulips and daffodils bloom and wowza, they are a beautiful sight to see after months of dreary Washington weather. I’ve visited these fields every year the last 4 years and every time they are just as beautiful.




Tuesday morning, my friend Brandon (a fantastic photographer) and I ventured out there in hopes of capturing gorgeous springs colors. we believed since it was Tuesday there wouldn’t be a lot of people and BOY were we wrong. So. So. Wrong. Maybe it was the sun. Maybe because schools out for spring break. Maybe a combination but it was insanity. Luckily we were willing to get our shoes muddy to find a patch without a plethora of people around us. the sun warmed our faces and the flowers warmed our souls, I swear it lifted my spirits more than I ever expected them too. Here are some photos from the day, the ones of me were taken by Brandon who you can find on Instagram  & Portrait Instagram  & his Website






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